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"Wildlife in Pencil" is an exquisite collection of detailed graphite illustrations of Australian native
animals reproduced as limited edition prints, greeting cards and gift cards.
The collection includes iconic Australian animals such as the wombat and kangaroo
as well as the lesser known possums and gliders native to different regions around the country

The collection has received an excellent response – ‘Greater Glider’ has won the Special Prize
in the Snowy Region Annual Easter Art Show and ‘Long-tailed Dunnart’
has been awarded a High Commendation by judges from the National Art Gallery
in another more recent exhibition.
The card ranges and print collection have both won Best Cards
and Stationery and Best Decorative Homewares respectively in the prestigious
Reed Gift (Fair) Awards at Darling Harbour.


elinda Perrin trained in Graphic Art and Design at the Perth Metropolitan School of Arts 1989 – 1991.
"Wildlife in Pencil" was inspired by artwork she produced for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
while living in Australia's Snowy Mountains.
“There are so many beautiful animals on the verge of extinction in Australia, perhaps a greater
awareness of them will slow or even prevent their disappearance.”

Melinda is hoping that the artworks in this collection will raise awareness of the animals and their plight.

Please note that a percentage from the sale of every card and print is donated to various wildlife charities
including the Koala Foundation, the North Queensland Conservation Council,
registered wombat carers and LAOKO – the Snowy Mountains wildlife rescue organization.

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